Attractions in winter

Winter in the Drachental family park

The park promises fun and excitement for guests and locals and is also an ideal destination for excursions in the Tyrol and Bavaria. Whether coaster rides during the day or in the evening, ice skating or 5-D cinema, entertainment is guaranteed.

Alpine Coaster "Drachenflitzer"

The breathtaking Drachenflitzer, one of the most impressive Alpine Coasters currently available, awaits you at the Drachental family park in Oberau - Wildschönau. 45 toboggans in the colors red, yellow and blue are ready to whisk adventure-seekers away on high-speed descents. The ride begins at a leisurely pace as the sledges are pulled up the approximately 625-metre-long track. But from the summit, the 1,355-metre-long piste takes you downhill at breakneck speed. On the way down, three exciting traffic circles, several bends up to 25 meters high and bridges await you, providing thrills and excitement. An unforgettable experience for the whole family in the heart of Oberau - Wildschönau! Visit us and experience the Drachenflitzer!

Prices Alpine Coaster "Drachenflitzer"

Adults aged 2009 and over
Single trip - € 10.60
Block of 4 - € 38.00
Block of 10 - € 90.00‍

Child YG 2016-2010
Single trip - € 8.50
Block of 4 - € 30.50
Block of 10 - € 73.00

Dwarfs from 3 years (up to 2017)
Single trip - € 5.80
Block of 4 - € 21.00
Block of 10 - € 48.50

€ 4,20 per trip

Note on age restrictions for children:
Children from 3 to 7 years of age may only ride the coaster if accompanied.
From the age of 8, children may ride alone.

Alpine Coaster "Drachenflitzer"

5D Cinema

Immerse yourself in a movie adventure like never before - visit our 5D cinema! Experience incredible movies with moving seats, wind and smell effects that will amaze your senses. Feel right in the middle of the action and enjoy an unforgettable movie experience.

Prices 5D Cinema


€ 4,20 per person

  • Jetpack Adventure
  • Wild West Mine Ride
  • Arctic 1
  • Haunted Mine Ride
  • Glacier Race
  • Toy Ride
  • Skate Race
  • Bumper Car
  • Cosmic Race
  • Great Wall Of China
  • Snow Ride
  • Rats Race
  • Canyon Coaster
  • Cosmic Coaster
5D Cinema

Marble run

Our marble runs offer fun and enjoyment for our young visitors. With their elaborate twists, loops and drop tubes, you will be amazed by what our ball tracks have to offer. The 10m high dragon with its 3 storeys is the landmark of the Dragon Park.

Ball track prices

Ball for wooden ball track € 2,00

You can take the wooden ball home with you as a souvenir.

Marble run

Ice rink

Our ice rink offers outdoor action for the whole family. Whether you simply want to take a leisurely spin in the fresh air or prefer curling - you've come to the right place.

Prices ice rink


Adults aged 2006 and over
2 hours - € 4.50
Block of 10 - € 40.00
Skate rental - € 4.50

Youth JG 2009-2007
2 hours - € 3,50
Block of 10 - € 30,00
Skate rental - € 3,50

Child JG 2019-2010
2 hours - € 2.50
Block of 10 - € 20.00
Skate rental - € 2.50
Free learning assistance for children

Season ticket ice rink
Adult - € 88.00
Youth - € 55.00
Children - € 44.00
Family - € 165.00

Ice rink


Enjoy an afternoon of curling in the Drachental valley. Form 2 teams with a maximum of 4 people each and try to push your curling stick as close as possible to the so-called "Daube" on the 30m-long track. Curling sticks and stave available for hire.

Prices curling

Stockbahn rental
for 2 hours - € 50.00 for 1 hour - € 25.00
by appointment (+43 660 4363603)

Stock rental
€ 5,00 per person

In Advent

Family Advent in Drachental

More information to follow!

Dragon Valley voucher

Fun & games as a gift!

Make your children, grandchildren or friends happy and give them a voucher for an exciting day at the Drachental amusement park!